Harryfield Montessori School

Harryfield Montessori School was founded in 2015 with a vision to provide a Montessori education for both the expatriate and Nigerian community. From a humble beginning of just eight students it has grown to become a full early years, elementary and secondary school.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Harryfield Montessori School began in 2015 with a modest beginning of only eight students and three teachers. The school grew slowly but steadily, adding classrooms and other facilities until by 2017 there was no more room for expansion on the first site. Harryfield Montessori School became accredited locally with the Ministry of Education. As the first site could no longer accommodate the number of students seeking admission, in 2017 the school acquired an additional site.

Meet Us


At HarryField High School we aim to provide the best possible education for all our students by:

  • Promoting a broad and balanced curriculum in which students take an active part in their own learning.
  • Recognising the needs of individuals, placing suitable high demands on them and stimulating them to achieve success.
  • Encouraging students to aim for the highest standards of work and behaviour at all times.
  • Creating an ordered and friendly community where relationships are positive and founded on courtesy, respect and shared values.
  • Acknowledging the importance of links between home, school and the wider community.
  • Maintaining a spirit of constructive self-criticism, regularly considering improvements to existing practice.


To be a centre of excellence where all students gain the qualifications, skills and experiences necessary for them to maximise their potential. The school of first choice for the local community where all can fulfil their dreams and aspirations. A place where young people are put in charge of their lives and their futures as engaged citizens and leaders of the future.

Our Ideals

Expecting and supporting all staff and students to achieve at all times and in all that they do, Ensuring that we all seek to excel in all that we do, Ensuring that every member of the school community stands together in all aspects of school life. We take responsibility for ourselves and each other at all times.

Our Mantra

Investing in and developing the skills and expertise of all staff, Demanding that students are ready to learn and take responsibility for themselves at all times, Consistently applied high standards in all school operations.

Our Ethics

The success of our school is built on two key characteristics: small classes and high-quality teaching. These foundations allow us to offer the kind of education that we think works best – an education tailored to each individual boy and girl in the school.

A good teacher working with a small class can get to know each pupil as an individual. They can identify their strengths and weaknesses, discover what motivates them, and figure out how best to help them progress.

We have great teachers at Colchester High School – teachers who can not only focus on each individual pupil, but who are also specialists in their subject. And we do not limit this specialist teaching to our older pupils; we provide it throughout the school so that even our nursery children benefit from expert teaching in subjects such as Music, French, ICT and PE.